While working on some images for the blog, I came across a quote that I had not heard before:

“Sometimes you make choices in life, and sometimes choices make you.”

This really resonated with me because I had never stopped to think about how all the choices I have made in life have made me who I am. I think we tend to think we simply are who we are by birth or our big life decisions like job and marriage, but the different paths we choose every day on even the smallest decisions really make us who we are.

I choose to live a compassionate lifestyle. I choose not to support cruelty by being vegan. I choose not to keep people in my life who are toxic and negative. I choose to recycle and buy the homeless people in my neighborhood coffee on cold days. I choose to travel to unusual places that are more complicated but offer a more unique experience. I also chose not to have children and to move 10 times in the last 22 years. And while I didn’t do it intentionally, I am glad I chose to be an entrepreneur when the opportunity presented itself.

I think the only part of the quote I would question is, “sometimes choices make you.” I think our choices always make who we are. We may stumble and make a bad choice on occasion, but even that bad choice becomes a part of us. I guess what matters most is that we learn from it.

I challenge you to ask yourself:

– What choices have you been faced with the last day? Month? Year?

– Did you do the right thing? If not, what will you do differently in the future?

– When you see a homeless person, what do you do?

– How do you give back to your community?

– Are you kind to others when given the opportunity?

– How often do you smile at people and just say Hi?

– Where have you traveled and what have you learned?

The list of questions could go on forever to contemplate what we do and how it has affected us. I encourage you to take some time and think about it.

Do you like the choices you have made? And do you like who they made you?

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