I frequently get asked, “How do you eat as a vegan while you are traveling?” I know people mean well, but this always cracks me up. I assure you, it is easily done. Even in places like Vietnam and China where they eat dog, you can eat with no issues as a vegan.

Converting from being a meat-eater to a vegan is like going from being an unhealthy eater to a healthy eater: you learn to make new choices.

If you like ethnic food, you are set. Chinese and Thai restaurants will let you substitute tofu for any meat. Mexican restaurants have amazing bean dishes (make sure to ask that their beans aren’t made with lard), and sushi restaurants offer lots of veggie roll options. And, of course, there are plenty of Italian dishes made of wonderful vegetables and pasta.

Even at fast food restaurants there are options – any item on the Taco Bell menu can be made with beans instead of meat, and every Burger King across the country has a veggie burger.

For most vegans, when we are traveling we pop open the Happy Cow. They have a web site you can use for free or download the app for a few dollars – well worth it! It is an amazing global database of restaurants and health food stores categorizes as vegan, vegetarian, and veg-

Through this app, I have found the most random and amazing vegan restaurants in even the most remote places. I remember when I was in a remote beach town in Vietnam, I headed out following the dot to a restaurant in their database. I was so thrilled when I stepped inside and realized it was a giant buffet of faux meats and amazing vegetable dishes.

So – don’t worry! You can travel and still be true to your values.

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