As winter is around the corner, I start to think of dogs who have to live outside and even worse – be used in competitions like the Iditarod. I continue to be amazed that in the 21st century, we still have barbaric “sports” like dog sledding and bull fighting.

I have never personally protested against the Iditarod, so I was curious to research it. I was thrilled to find there is a group specifically fighting against this cruel practice – the Sled Dog Action Coalition.

The list of cruelties associated with dog sled racing was pretty overwhelming, but this statement stuck with me the most:

“Mushers beat their dogs with quirt whips. The whip has two tails at the end, and a core that’s normally filled with lead shot. Mushers roll up their whips and hide them in their pockets.”

If you would like to learn more, here is some interesting information about training practices.

I’m guessing most of my readers aren’t planning to start competing in dog sledding, but just by being a spectator you support this cruel sport.

If you would like to help bring an end to this horrible event, here are a few ideas:

– Sign this petition encouraging Coca-Cola to end their sponsorship of the race.

– Contact the media channels planning to cover the event and or event sponsors to ask them to cancel their support of this cruel event.

Get involved! You can make a difference for sled dogs!

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