One of my favorite things to do every year is create my New Year’s Resolutions (I prefer to call them goals) for the next year. My favorite part of the annual goal list is to outline what trips I will take in the coming year.

Last year, it was Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. I knocked those out and had trips to Kenya and China that came up unplanned – love when that happens! This year, I have Haiti, Australia, and New Zealand on my list.

It is proven through countless research studies that people who document their goals are significantly more likely to make them happen. So – let’s write out your travel goals. Take yourself through this exercise:

Step 1: List the top 5 places you want to see the most.

Step 2: Decide on a budget for what you could spend on a trip(s) this year.

Step 3: Think through how much vacation time you will have this year. (important because if you only have a few extra days you can’t plan to go half way around the world)

Step 4: Look back at your list and narrow down to the destinations that fit into your financial budget and vacation time. (If you can’t estimate, visit sites like Kayak to get estimations on flights, hotels, etc.)

Step 5: Research good times to visit these destinations and see if those times match up to when you could travel. (Tip – if you can go during off-seasons you will save a lot of money, but the savings are not worth going during bad seasons. I often travel just slightly out of the high season, but I would not go during extremely hot or rainy seasons.)

Step 6: Pick your destination(s) for the year and start researching!

It is all too easy to let the fun of life slip away, and pushing back vacations is the easiest of all. Time issues and concern over financial resources have a way of making it easy to put trips on the back-burner. However, if you keep putting your adventure dreams off, you will regret it someday.

Get excited, get it booked, and go have an adventure!

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