About US

C919, a news travel site used more by the younger generation.
Thanks to the core advantages of “content + trading”, C919 understands young people’s preferences better
Make complex travel decisions, bookings, and experiences simple, efficient, and convenient.

c919 is a travel social networking site, a data-driven platform, and a new type of travel.
Provides 60,000 travel destinations worldwide
Information and product booking services for transportation, hotels, attractions, restaurants, shopping, cars, local fun and more.

Based on years of content accumulation, C919 has adopted AI technology and big data algorithms.
Connect personalized travel information with travel product suppliers from around the world,
Provide users with a unique travel experience.

c919, is a passenger aircraft, a way to carry dreams and enjoyment, sending us where we want to go,
It is also a way for us to lead good times. Let us set out together,
I believe we will provide you with better services.