Domestic large aircraft C919 commercial operation scale related industrial chain into the harvest season

On May 27, on the first anniversary of the commercial operation of the domestic large aircraft C919, China Eastern Airlines, as the first user of the C919 worldwide, officially received the first aircraft of the newly ordered 100 C919 aircraft; On June 1, the C919 flew commercial charter flights between Hong Kong and Shanghai. On June 5, China’s domestic commercial aircraft C919 and ARJ21 made their first test flights with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). On June 14, the C919 started the operation of the fourth commercial regular route; On the same day, the national Joint Fund for basic Research on large aircraft was established.

Zheng Lei, chief economist of Samoye Cloud Technology Group, said in an interview with Securities Daily: “The fund will promote the in-depth development of basic research on domestic large aircraft, help industry chain companies actively break through the core technology and material barriers of large aircraft manufacturing, enhance the independent research and development capabilities of domestic large aircraft and international competitiveness, and will also drive social capital to participate in the industrial development of large aircraft and promote the improvement of the industrial chain ecosystem.”

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